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Micro Madness Rules
  • All Fish must be caught hook and line with no use of a net
  • Fish must be able to be identified from the photo (Read up on ID traits and take multiple photos)
  • Control Button must be in photo (Image printout is ok also)
  • Contest lasts from May 1st-August 30th
  • This is for fun no cheating
  • Rules are subject to change without notice
2014 Image

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North American Micro List

#    Common Name        Scientific Name
1    Chub, Bigeye        Hybopsis amblops
2    Chub, Blotched        Erimystax insignis
3    Chub, Bluehead        Nocomis leptocephalus
4    Chub, Bull                Nocomis raneyi
5    Chub, Creek        Semotilus atromaculatus
6    Chub, Flame        Hemitrema flammea
7    Chub, Gravel        Erimystax x-punctatus
8    Chub, Headwater    Gila nigra
9    Chub, Highback        Hybopsis hypsinotus
10   Chub, Hornyhead    Nocomis biguttatus
11   Chub, Lake        Couesius plumbeus
12   Chub, Redeye        Notropis harperi
13   Chub, Redtail        Nocomis effusis
14   Chub, River        Nocomis micropogon
15   Chub, Rosyface        Hybopsis rubrifrons
16   Chub, Santee        Cyprinella zanema
17   Chub, Silver        Macrhybopsis storeiana
18   Chub, Slender        Erimystax cahni
19   Chub, Streamline    Erimystax dissimilis
20   Dace, Blacknose        Rhinichthys atratulus
21   Dace, Blackside        Chrosomus cumberlandensis
22   Dace, Finescale        Phoxinus neogaeus
23   Dace, Longnose        Rhinichthys cataractae
24   Dace, Mountain Redbelly        Chrosomus oreas
25   Dace, Northern Redbelly        Chrosomus eos
26   Dace, Pearl        Margariscus margarita
27   Dace, Redside        Clinostomus elongatus
28   Dace, Rosyside        Clinostomus funduloides
29   Dace, Southern Redbelly        Chrosomus erythrogaster
30   Dace, Speckled        Rhinichthys osculus
31   Dace, Tennessee        Phoxinus tennesseensis
32   Dace, Western Blacknose        Rhinichthys obtusus
33   Killifish, American Flag Fish        Jordanella floridae
34   Killifish, Banded        Fundulus diaphanus
35   Killifish, Gulf        Fundulus grandis
36   Killifish, Least        Heterandria formosa
37   Killifish, Marsh        Fundulus confluentus
38   Killifish, Seminole    Fundulus seminolis
39   Minnow, Bluntnose    Pimephales notatus
40   Minnow, Brassy        Hybognathus hankinsoni
41   Minnow, Bullhead    Pimephales vigilax
42   Minnow, Cutlips        Exoglossum maxillingua
43   Minnow, Fathead    Pimephales promelas
44   Minnow, Mississippi Silvery        Hybognathus nuchalis
45   Minnow, Ozark        Notropis nubilus
46   Minnow, Pugnose    Opsopoeodus emiliae
47   Minnow, Sheepshead    Cyprinodon variegatus
48   Minnow, Silverjaw    Notropis buccatus
49   Minnow, Suckermouth        Phenacobius mirabilis
50   Molly, Sailfin        Poecilia latipinna
51   Mosquitofish, Eastern        Gambusia holbrooki
52   Mosquitofish, Western        Gambusia affinis
53   Mudminnow, Central        Umbra limi
54   Roach, California    Lavinia symmetricus
55   Shiner, Alabama        Cyprinella callistia
56   Shiner, Bandfin        Luxilus zonistius
57   Shiner, Bannerfin    Cyprinella leedsi
58   Shiner, Bigeye        Notropis boops
59   Shiner, Bigmouth    Notropis dorsalis
60   Shiner, Blackchin    Notropis heterodon
61   Shiner, Blacknose    Notropis heterolepis
62   Shiner, Blacktail        Cyprinella venusta
63   Shiner, Blacktip        Lythrurus atrapiculus
64   Shiner, Bleeding        Luxilus zonatus
65   Shiner, Blue        Cyprinella caerulea
66   Shiner, Bluntface    Cyprinella camura
67   Shiner, Carmine        Notropis percobromus
68   Shiner, Channel        Notropis wickliffi
69   Shiner, Coastal        Notropis petersoni
70   Shiner, Comely        Notropis amoenus
71   Shiner, Common        Luxilus cornutus
72   Shiner, Coosa        Notropis xaenocephalus
73   Shiner, Crescent        Luxilus cerasinus
74   Shiner, Dusky        Notropis cummingsae
75   Shiner, Duskystripe    Luxilus pilsbryi
76   Shiner, Emerald        Notropis atherinoides
77   Shiner, Fieryblack    Cyprinella pyrrhomelas
78   Shiner, Flagfin        Notropis signipinnis
79   Shiner, Ghost        Notropis buchanani
80   Shiner, Golden        Notemigonus crysoleucas
81   Shiner, Greenfin        Cyprinella chloristia
82   Shiner, Greenhead    Notropis chlorocephalus
83   Shiner, Highfin        Notropis altipinnis
84   Shiner, Mimic        Notropis volucellus
85   Shiner, Mountain    Lythrurus tirus
86   Shiner, Rainbow        Notropis chrosomus
87   Shiner, Red        Cyprinella lutrensis
88   Shiner, Redfin        Lythrurus umbratilis
89   Shiner, Redside        Richardsonius balteatus
90   Shiner, River        Notropis blennius
91   Shiner, River        Notropis Blennius
92   Shiner, Rosefin        Lythrurus ardens
93   Shiner, Rosyface        Notropis rubellus
94   Shiner, Roughhead    Notropis semperasper
95   Shiner, Sailfin        Pteronotropis hypselopterus
96   Shiner, Sand        Notropis stramineus
97   Shiner, Sandbar        Notropis scepticus
98   Shiner, Satinfin        Cyprinella analostana
99   Shiner, Scarlet        Lythrurus fasciolaris
100 Shiner, Silver        Notropis photogenis
101 Shiner, Silverband    Notropis shumardi
102 Shiner, Silverstripe    Notropis stilbius
103 Shiner, Spotfin        Cyprinella spiloptera
104 Shiner, Spottail        Notropis hudsonius
105 Shiner, Stargazer    Notropis uranoscopus
106 Shiner, Steelcolor    Cyprinella whipplei
107 Shiner, Striped        Luxilus chrysocephalus
108 Shiner, Swallowtail    Notropis procne
109 Shiner, Taillight        Notropis maculatus
110 Shiner, Telescope    Notropis telescopus
111 Shiner, Tennessee    Notropis leuciodus
112 Shiner, Texas        Notropis amabilis
113 Shiner, Tricolor        Cyprinella trichroistia
114 Shiner, Turquoise    Cyprinella monacha
115 Shiner, Warpaint        Luxilus coccogenis
116 Shiner, Wedgespot    Notropis greenei
117 Shiner, Weed        Notropis texanus
118 Shiner, White        Luxilus albeolus
119 Shiner, Whitefin        Cyprinella nivea
120 Shiner, Whitetail        Cyprinella galactura
121 Shiner, Yellowfin        Notropis lutipinnis
122 Silverside, Atlantic    Menidia menidia
123 Silverside, Brook    Labidesthes sicculus
124 Silverside, Inland    Menidia beryllina
125 Silverside, Rough    Membras martinica
126 Smelt, Rainbow        Osmerus mordax
127 Spinedace, Virgin    Lepidomeda mollispinis
128 Stoneroller, Bluefin    Campostoma pauciradii
129 Stoneroller, Central    Campostoma anomalum
130 Stoneroller, Largescale    Campostoma oligolepsis
131 Studfish, Northern    Fundulus catenatus
132 Studfish, Southern    Fundulus stellifer
133 Topminnow, Bayou    Fundulus pulvereus
134 Topminnow, Blackspotted    Fundulus olivaceous
135 Topminnow, Blackstripe    Fundulus notatus
136 Topminnow, Golden        Fundulus chrysotus
137 Topminnow, Lined        Fundulus lineolatus
138 Topminnow, Plains        Fundulus sciadicus
139 Topminnow, Russetfin        Fundulus escambiae
140 Topminnow, Starhead        Fundulus dispar
141 Topminnow, Western Starhead    Fundulus blairae

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09/18/2017 04:09:52
I got to land two respectable flats in the last week. Both dandies. Doc's and another friend of mine. But I cant seem to even buy a clicker run.

08/20/2017 13:08:55
We may go offline for a while. Posting just in case anyone see this first.

08/16/2017 14:58:31
I have not taken the time to replace all the freaking photos yet since Photobucket hates their users.

08/16/2017 14:57:23

angry mongrel
08/16/2017 10:17:33
Is anybody out there?

07/10/2017 02:08:29
Ya they're back! Nice.

07/10/2017 01:32:46
DT I still see your photos

07/09/2017 10:57:49
DT I am working on a place to host my photos. It is likely going to cost me but I don't trust any of those sites now. PB is not the only place this happened.

07/08/2017 06:45:39
I just checked out all the hype. What a joke! All them pics in the Zumbro GONE.

07/05/2017 08:25:19
Hengelaar I am working on it. I may even make my own site that we can all use.

07/04/2017 02:05:10
Yeah, Botophucket can heck right off. All kindsa sweet reports without pics now. Time for us to find an alternative...

07/02/2017 14:27:26
Yeah they are making people pay now like $100 a year

Doc Flathead
07/01/2017 04:59:19
What do you have to pay for it now or what?

06/29/2017 05:30:34
Now Photo bucket does not allow to use their service to share photos. That sucks. Now all my photos here are not shown.

Doc Flathead
06/13/2017 16:39:57
Kinda scary being a country boy in the concrete jungle. But not too much different than downtown Rochester I bet...

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